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11th World Deaf Cycling Championships in Pont-a-Marcq, France

Opening date: 24 Aug 1995
Closing date: 27 Aug 1995
Nations: 11
Athletes: 33
Sports: 1

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Paul Wood, 25, of Greensboro, North Carolina,
Bob Morrison of Fremont, California as the cycling team coach and
Louis Pedroza, 26, of Anaheim, California


Near the "Hell of the North" over the ancient farm roads, thirty-three riders huddled on the windswept field of northern France.  Settling for a second place in the sprint was bittersweet for the USA Paul Wood This condition of race required courage and persistence, and not a little good judgment because of stretch of treacherous cobblestone pavement.

Paul Wood, Italian, Spanish and Czechs broke away in the midst of 98-kilometer road race and could see the smoke of victory.  Many riders had to abandon prematurely because of their confidence being shattered by cobblestone and puncture.

A puncture on the other side had halted the Italian who won the World Championship of town twice and chasing back to Paul Wood and Czech riders.  With five miles to go and last stretch of cobblestone pavement it would be a brave - even foolhardy - Italian who attacked from the third place to break away the field and coasted to the finish line while Wood and Czech rider managed with caution across the cobbles.  Italian literally chose to win or die tact.  This proved to be the turning point of the race.  Battle across the cobbles, Wood and Czech were left with stunned by a good strategic plan made by Italian.  He rapidly built a lead of forty seconds.  His face was creasing up with effort.  He knew if he were to remain with Wood and Czech group to the finish line, Wood would easily win the race with his powerful sprint.

98-kilometer Road Race Result

1st Italian Fabrizio Rocchetti
2nd American Paul Wood
3rd Czech Josef Merunka

Paul Wood won all match sprints to grasp the World Championship jersey.  This stretches the USA dominance in the sprint event since the Los Angeles Games in 1985.

1000-meter Match Sprint Result

1st America Paul Wood
2nd German Gerald Mielke
3rd Italian Roberto Malacarne

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Paul Wood outsprinted the German Gerald Mielke-Weyel in the finals.


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The Medal Bearers


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Moments of Celebration at the Podium


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