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12th World Games of the Deaf in Malmo, Sweden

Opening date: 21 Jul 1973
Closing date: 28 Jul 1973
Nations: 32
Athletes: 1061
Sports: 13


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Richard Baraona, 25, of Daly City, California and Bobby Skedsmo, 30, of Cerritos, California came back as the cycling team members but this time the 12th World Games for the Deaf took place in Malmo, Sweden.

Richard Baraona won second place in the 35-kilometer individual time trial again.  The 1000-meter sprint event was not Bobby's day.  During competing in the 100-kilometer road race Bobby felt great and was ready to team up with Richard Baraona, the time trial specialist, to make a plan to escape the pack when it was two laps left to go but somehow Richard without consulting with Bobby sneaked out on the right side of pack, broke away and caught up with the two riders already ahead.  Bobby managed to break away on his own but failed to catch Richard along the way for the half lap around and was forced to regroup with the peleton behind.  Piccoli of Italy who won the gold medal said if the finish line were still away, Richard would have won the race. He did not have left in his legs for some more meters. Thus Richard was placed second. Bobby placed seventh.

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