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11th World Games of the Deaf in Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Opening date: 9 Aug 1969
Closing date: 16 Aug 1969
Nations: 33
Athletes: 1183
Sports: 13


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Bobby Skedsmo, 26, of Compton, California stood by his father and unidentified Yugoslavian.  The picture of Richard Baraona is not available at this time of web release.

Both riders competed at the 11th International Games for the Deaf in Washington, D.C.  Bobby Skedsmo was thrilled by placing fourth in the 1000-meter sprint event.  Both were sick with Montezuma's Curse diarrhea, however it did not damper their spirit and do their best effort in the other events.  Richard Baraona, a time trial specialist, won second place in the 35-kilometer individual time trial.  Again there was no coach or support unit for the USA cycling team.  After the games they toured on the 5-day Greek Islands cruise.

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