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10th International Games for the Deaf in Washington, D.C.

Opening date: 27 Jun 1965
Closing date: 3 Jul 1965
Nations: 27
Athletes: 697

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Richard Baraona, 17, of Daly City, California,
Manny Valencia 22, of Tucson, Arizona and
James Niemi, 28, of Minnesota....

Note: During the last week of June 1965, the cycling team got its first taste of internatonal competitions at the 10th International Games for the Deaf that took place in Washington, D.C.

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Our US representative, Richard Baraona, is fourth from the left.

The 100-kilometer road race ran from Mt. Vernon to Belle Haven with the start and finish about half way between. The first 25 kilometers were fairly quiet, but soon thereafter the Italians started to stir things up. Numbering four, the Italians were the largest team and had the advantage over their opponents.

During this early stage of the race a great deal of very animated conversation took place in the pack. In fact, at times it became so animated that there was concern less someone fall off his bike.

In the meantime, Cavani and Orsini succeeded in escaping from the pack. They stayed away for several miles before the field, led by Baraona pulled them in. At the half-way point, Cavani, who won by seven miles at the Helinski Games, went away alone.

Had there been a medal for the most courageous rider in the race, it would have unanimously been awarded to Richard Baraona, 17, of Daly City, California. Even though he was riding a much heavier bike than the continentals, his red jersey could constantly be seen at the front chasing group. He crashed, remounted, chased, caught, and went straight to the front again. So he was the fifth place. There was no coach or support unit for the USA cycling team.

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