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CSDR 63ers Header
"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"


Collections of Photos by Whom

Fairmount Park & Mission Inn by bobby skedsmo

CSDR Reunion Tour by bobby skedsmo

CSDR Museum by bobby skedsmo

CSDR Reunion Banquet & Brunch by bobby skedsmo

1945-1959 by bobby skedsmo

1960-1962 by bobby skedsmo

1962-1963 by bobby skedsmo

1948-1963 by francine lauer-skedsmo

1957-1958 by pandy thorsell branam

1958-1959 by pandy thorsell branam

1959-1960 by pandy thorsell branam

1960-1961 by pandy thorsell branam

1961-1962 by pandy thorsell branam

1962-1963 by pandy thorsell branam

1960-1963 by paula courtright chandler

1957 by sue cameron

1950-2003 by chris walters

School Classes - 1948-1963 by bobby skedsmo


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