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15th World Games of the Deaf in Los Angeles, United States

Opening date: 10 Jul 1985
Closing date: 20 Jul 1985
Nations: 29
Athletes: 1053
Sports: 12

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Bobby Skedsmo, the USA cycling team coach from Union City, California,
Charles Cordy of Northridge, California,
Ralph Fernandez of Bell, California,
Richard Machado of Fremont, California,
Graham Koetz of Fremont, California and
Alvin Spain of Fremont, California

This was the first cycling team that went with the coach taking place at the 15th World Games of the Deaf in Los Angeles.  First it was at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado for a ten-day extensive training.  This paid off with two medals winning at the 1000-meter sprint event in Santa Monica.

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Silver Ralph Fernandez - Gold Charles Cordy - Bronze Swiss Thomas Dincklage

Bobby Skedsmo said that the overall result of the USA cycling team's accomplishments at the games were genuinely pleased because it was the USA's best show since first participanting in cycling way back in 1965. For this reason, a long term of training, preparation and comminuaction were adhered and achieved.

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