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2007 Baja California
List of Bikers who definitely will go!

Here is the list of bikers who definitely will go on the Baja California trip
which has been planned for the Deaf Bikers of America on July 1 - 18,  2007.

If interested, please call the Road Captain, Bobby Skedsmo,
at  925 473 9824 VP#  to discuss any question you may have before we leave.

Those names in red denote female.

No.     Last Name     First Name     State     Bike
1.     Skedsmo     Bobby     California     Harley-Davidson    
2. Sogolow Bobby Kentucky Harley-Davidson
3.   England   Judy Kentucky passenger
4. Krohn Bill Colorado Harley-Davidson
5. Tester Dave Indiana Harley-Davidson
6. Stefurak Paul California Honda
7. Dauenheimer Donald Colorado Harley-Davidson
8.   Dauenheimer   Deborah Maryland passenger
9. Hodge Marlene California Harley Davidson
10. Bergan Gordon Maryland Harley Davidson
11.   Bergan   Carla Maryland passenger
12. Hill-Fry Patti Texas Harely-Davidson
13. Rogers Edward Virginia * Yamaha
14.   Burns Mary Florida passenger
15. Moore Dick Maryland Harley-Davidson
16.   Moore Doreen Maryland passenger
17. Bergan Bob California Harley-Davidson
18.   Seymour Kathy California passenger
19. Sedano Ralph New Mexico   Harley-Davidson
20.   Sedano Valerie New Mexico passenger
21. Coleman Gina Indiana Harley-Davidson
22. Sedano Anna Marie New Mexico Jeep Wrangler
23. O'Reilly Tim Colorado Harley-Davidson
24. Metz Thomas Colorado Harley-Davidson

See the profile

Seek out the checklist


Biker's guide to overnight stay in Mexico

* = denotes that the following rider will tow a trailer.

Passport - You should start to apply for passport now.
Insurance - Begin exploring for insurance coverage now or apply
        at the Baja-Mex Insurance Services near the border.
Vehicle - Apply for temporary vehicle import permit in Tijuana on July 1.
Tourist - Apply for tourist permit in Tijuana on July 1 .