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Notes:  Getting started in home winemaking? Wine Making Kits are available for sale at any wine retailer or the Internet and provide you with all of the basic equipment needed to begin making your own unique, flavorful wine at home. Each package of your choice includes all of the equipment you'll need for fermenting, bottling, and corking. It is a good choice if you wish to get started without spending too much.

If I were to start winemaking as a rookie, I might prefer to select equipment individually. They may cost you a little more but they are sure what you wanted for winemaking. Not all wine starter packages are alike. You can check out the Internet under "Winemaking Starter Kit" to find out whether you want to buy kit or individual item and its approximate price as listed below.

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Economy Wine Kit for $65

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Deluxe Wine Kit for $75

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Master Wine Kit for $99

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Elite Wine Kit for $159

Bobby's equipment to accomplish his winemaking is as follows:

Plastic bucket 6 gallons $7.95
   with spigot 2.95
   with lid 2.10
Carboy 6 gallon 24.00
Carboy hood with caps 2.50
Orange carboy handle 6.95
Airlock 1.00
Spoon long 3.95
Sample taker 5.25
Basic hydrometer 6.50
Hydrometer jar 4.35
Floating thermometer 5.95
Lees stirrer 19.99
Vino-o-meter 5.95
Auto-siphon 26 long 14.95
   with tubing 5 long 2.50
   with siphon shutoff clamp 1.50
Bottles 750ml one dozen 12.00
Double lever corker 29.95
Corks (25) 6.75
Heat shrink sleeves (12) 1.50
Carboy 5 gallon $18.50
Carboy brush 5.95
Universal carboy bung (drilled) 1.10
Bottle tree 22.00
Home Winemaking Step-by-Step book    17.95
Fermometer 3.50
Wine rack 40.00