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12th World Deaf Cycling Championships

843 photos on DVD video for sale

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Contents of DVD Video

98 photos of Pre-WDCC Activities - 8:28
149 photos of 1000-meter Sprint - 12:52
54 photos of Short Track Mountain Bike Race - 4:53
118 photos of 32.83-kilometer Individial Time Trial - 10:00
94 photos of 50-kilometer Points Race - 8:10
109 photos of Cross Country Mountain Bike Race - 8:46
163 photos of 120-kilometer Road Race - 13:43
58 photos of Post-WDCC Activities - 6:11

      Bobby completed creating a DVD video of WDCC.  It is very good and interesting unlike the album on the website you had seen.  It features humorous or informative captions, transition effects and motion effects to the image and slide show that you can see it on your DVD player or on your computer.  You can gather your family and friends and enjoy your photos on TV.  Impress your guests with stunning shows that combine motion and effects.

      Each DVD video consisting 843 pictures costs $15.  ($20 outside country)  Worth it!

      Or send a check payable to "Bobby Skedsmo" at:

      Bobby Skedsmo
      21271 N. Mariposa Grove Lane
      Surprise,  AZ  85387-2752


hr-international-flgs-a.gif - 3273 Bytes