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Northern California Deaf Bikers is designed for entertainment such as rides, tours, runs and stopping at various designated locations together with other Deaf Bikers.  Those who live in the Northern California.  Any Deaf biker who has a motorcycle is automatic member.  It does not have any officer or club structure bullshit.  Just be yourself.  It is just a simple brotherhood / sisterhood of Deaf bikers who enjoy the open road, wind in your face, socializing, and to just ride.

Northern California Deaf Bikers is an independent and non-affiliated organization and shall not have any officers, membership dues and/or by-laws.  It shall not be liable for any problem that should be raised concerning the injuries or death caused by any traffic condition (see more info below).  All Deaf Bikers will be equal in participating in meetings; however, there will be just one designated member who will coordinate and monitor the Website.  The designated person will be the Webmaster.  The following guidelines will encourage harmony among all Deaf bikers:

1.  Once a year, around January (which tends to be the lowest peak in bike riding), there will be a meeting to discuss ideas and plans for routes and runs.

2.  The person hosting the route or runs, will be the road captain for that event and s/he must be present to coordinate the event.  In the event that the road captain is absent, his/her alternate will assume the responsibility of road captain of that event.  Cancellation of the event will not be accepted because of somebody's absence.

3.  The person who hosts a gathering at someone's house which required a limited number of people must be respected.  "First come, First serve" will be mandated as the rule.  Please be advised that this is designed for Deaf bikers. Hearing people are welcomed, but must understand that the Deaf have first choice in restricted and limited gatherings.  There is no intention to close out hearing bikers but please rsvp the host if there is room enough for hearing bikers to come.

4.  The route, runs, and rides are unlimited to bikers and drivers.  Those who want to drive in an enclosed vehicle are welcome to follow the Bikers as instructed by the road captain.

5.  In regards to fueling:  If and when the smallest tanks which needs to be filled, the larger tanks should also get their fuel as well.  This is to reduce problems with fuel situations and it would be wise to fill the tank in any situation.

6.  Hosted events should not take place during long holiday weekends that carry over for three (3) days such as Fathers Day (third Sunday of June), Mother's Day (2nd Sunday of May), Easter Day, Halloween weekend or any weekend held by special deaf events and/or conventions.

7.  It is always wise to have a buddy.  It is encouraged to have a buddy on any of the routes, rides and runs.  If one of the buddies encounters a situation that needs the group to slow down, or pull over, that buddy will make sure to notify the leader or road captain for safety of others.

8.  It is always wise to stay in the lane following the road captain in a staggered (zig zag) format and be patient with one another.  No foul play or doing any dangerous stunts shall be allowed.  Should there be any financial / fundraising issues, it shall be discussed prior to the event and the rationale and amount for money earned shall be shared with all Deaf Bikers.  No fundraising event shall be used for personal gain (profit) in the names of Deaf Bikers organizations.

9.  The Deaf Bikers fully realize the dangers of participating in a motorcycle ride and fully assume the risks associated with such participation including, by way of example, and not limitation, the following:  the dangers of collision with pedestrians, vehicles, other bikers, and fixed or moving objects; the dangers arising from surface hazards, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, and weather conditions; and the possibility of serious physical and/or mental trauma or injury associated with bike motorcycling.


Revised: 02-01-2006

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