Day One - Sunday July 1 - Riverside to Ensenada - 180 miles

9:00 am:  We leave for Mexico on Sunday July 1 and go on the Interstate 15. Non-stop of 110 miles in 1 hour and 36 minutes!  We get off at the last exit in the United States for gasoline fill up, refreshment and issuance of insurance.  It may take 2 hours in all depending on the size of group.

10:40 am:  We go to the Baja-Mex Insurance Service at 4575 Camino De La Plaza, San Ysidro to fill out application for motorcycle insurance but it would be a good idea if you do it online before you leave. It costs $80.30 for liability only and is good for 21 days.  Show your registration. Important: If you have a lienholder shown on the registration, you must provide a letter granting you permission to take your bike into Mexico from your lienholder. You should make sure that this letter looks very official with its letterhead and consider getting the signature notarized. If your bike is already paid off, you need to issue a new registration showing that you are the owner. If you are still making monthly payment to the lienholder, you will be required to provide List of Places where you will stay in Mexico to the lienholder. Be sure to print it from the preceeding link and show it to the lienholder as they would require to know where you will be staying at every place in Mexico.

While the other bikers are still at the Baja-Mex Insurance office, we may go on to a nearby fast restaurant for lunch and fuel up our bike or to the Money Exchange. We will then return to the parking lot where they all will meet at once before we can proceed to enter Tijuana together.

We will stay in a group as we are approaching the Mexican boundary and keep in the far right lane until the first intersection comes to make a right turn onto a street (a few 100 yards from the boundary line). We will go through the border town for a few blocks until we arrive at the Department of Motor Vehicle to get our Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit which costs $29.95. You must have a proof of citizenship, a driver's license and the vehicle's registration. If your registration shows a lienholder, you must have a letter from the lienholder stating that you can take your bike into Mexico for a specific period of time. You must also have credit card (MasterCard, VISA American Express or Diner's Club) issued in the registered owner's name and issued by the United States to pay the fee for Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit to the Banjercito (Army Forces Bank) branch office.

Tourist Permit is also required for any visit beyond border area for more than 72 hours inside Mexico and can be issued at the same place where we apply for the temporary vehicle importation permit. It costs $19.85 or you can obtain it at any Mexican consulate in the United States. (I will try this to save my time at the site)

When we are done with application for tourist permit and temporary vehicle importation permit, the road captain will ask someone at the Department of Motor Vehicle if we can leave our bike and walk around downtown of Tijuana for a couple of hours. If not it may be difficult to find space to park together in downtown due to a large number of bikers and have to move on through the center on the Revolution Avenue heading toward Ensenada.

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We will stop for a drink and browse at the authentic Mexician fisherman's wharf and its village. It is located right after the Fox Studios Baja near Rosarito Beach (18 miles south of Tijuana). This town is reputable for vacationers and sport lovers. We may stay there for an hour before we go straight to the Hotel La Quinta Bonita in Ensenada (3 miles south of Ensenada downtown).  The hotel rate is $35 USD for 2 persons with one queen-size and $45 for 4 persons with two queen-size beds.

By nightfall if we are in mood to hanging around in Ensenada, the Cantina Hussong's is the biggest attraction in the North Baja California.

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