Descendants of Torer (Tord) Pedersen Kopperud Skedsmo

Dear Friend and Relatives: Herewith are 9 generations of my family. I am compiling the names and the biography of my ancestors. Information was gathered by Alfred Skedsmo (1879-1952) and Sverre Rolf Skedsmo. Gunvor Helga Louise Skedsmo, a daughter of Sverre Rolf Skedsmo, put information into her computer at Gardermoen, Norway. It would be greatly appreciated if you contact me for correction and/or clarification. Information about the individual's highlights or accomplishments would also be appreciated. I can be reached at . Please indicate in the subject line "Family Tree" so I would not suspect it as a spam. Thank you. Respectfully yours, Bobby Wheeler Skedsmo Last update on May 13, 2007

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